Q: Is the God and Magog war in Ezekiel 38-39 beginning to line up?

A: It sure does look like the major players might be in place.

For years, Bible teachers and preachers have been looking for Russia to lead a coalition of nations in ‘the last days’ in an attack against Israel as foretold in Ezekiel 38-39. Russia has always seemed to be the best possibility as the modern identity for the ‘far north’ nation of Magog:

You will come from your place out of the uttermost parts of the north, you and many peoples with you, …Ezekiel 38:15 –ESV

The fact that Russia is a major military power also lends itself to the leadership position in such an attack. Also, that nation is currently led by a strong-arm dictator who could unilaterally decide to send his nation into war. Like Putin did in his attack against Ukraine and like ‘Gog’ does in the Ezekiel war.

But I believe that Turkey is the key nation to watch when it comes to comes to the whole ‘Gog and Magog’ scenario since many of the ancient nations mentioned in the prophecy are now incorporated in modern Turkey.

Up to now, I haven’t worried about the Ezekiel 38-39 possibility since Turkey is part of NATO and has been a close ally of the USA. Also, since Turkey and Russia historically fought many wars against each other, it has seemed rather unlikely that they would work together in a war as called for in the Ezekiel scenario.

But now I believe that Turkey is in play. We might actually be witnessing the lining up of a possible Ezekiel 38-39 coalition. Turkey has increasingly become more radical and Islamist. Also, the Turkish leaders partially blame the USA for a coup that happened several years ago since the supposed coup leader lives in America and the USA has refused to extradite him.

Russia and Turkey are now getting closer, Putin supplied Turkey with their S-200 missile-defense system several years ago. Then the Russians and Turkey signed a treaty with Iran and their militaries began working together supporting Syria in fighting ISIS factions and other radicals. Turkey and Iran have always been rivals in the past, both represent different major factions in Islam- Sunni (Turkey) and Shia (Iran), with each hoping to become the dominant power and headquarters for a new Islamic Caliphate. Nevertheless, they are now working together along with Russia.

Worse yet, the relations between Turkey and Israel have been on a downward spiral over the last few years following Turkey’s failed attempt to break the Gaza Blockade by Israel. Also, the relationship between Israel and Iran is on a near war footing with the Israelis doing everything they can to block the nuclear hopes of the Iranians. And now, Israel and Russian are at odds over Ukraine.

Is the Ezekiel 38-39 scenario now in place? The trends listed above are certainly going in that direction. The major nations listed in the Ezekiel 38-39 attack against Israel seem to be coming together for the first time in history. Keep your eye on Turkey, I believe that it remains the major key to the whole scenario.

One thing standing in the way of the Ezekiel scenario right now is ISIS. While the radical ISIS Islamists would gladly join in any war against Israel, their land wars in Syria and Iraq would need to be resolved one way or another before all of these nations could unite together against Israel.

The other major factor still blocking an Ezekiel scenario is the alliance of the USA with Israel. For the Ezekiel war to take place, I believe that the USA would need to have a weak president that does not really support Israel all that much. I wasn’t worried about the possibility under President Trump who obviously supported Israel and actually moved the American embassy to Jerusalem. But now I am concerned that Pres. Biden might fit the bill of a ‘weak’ president who might not fully support Israel in the event of a major war like Ezekiel 38-39. Particularly with Russia involved, which would lead to a real and possible threat of nuclear war.

The following is a survey of the nations listed in the Ezekiel prophecy and their possible modern location:

1. Meshech

Possibly a people inhabiting the Moschian Mountains, between the Black and the Caspian Seas in western Asia. Now north-eastern Turkey, Russia, Georgia, ArmeniaAzerbaijan, and northern Iran.

2. Tubal

Most scholars identify Tubal as coming from the Cappadocian region of eastern Asia Minor in modern Turkey. In ancient writings it is usually paired with Meshech. Called Tabali and Muski in Assyrian references, and Tibarenoi and Moschoi as mentioned in Herodotus as part of the Persian Empire of Darius and Xerxes in the far north.

3. Persia

Iran is the modern name and it’s leaders continually threated to destroy Israel. Iran is close to having nuclear weapons and a missile delivery system that could actually get the job done.

4. Cush

The land of Cush is usually identified as Ethiopia, but I believe that ancient Nubia may be a better match with Sudan as the modern equivalent. However, it might also be a reference to some of the descendants of Cush (Nimrod among the most famous) who settled by the Gihon River (Gen.2: 13-14) near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which is in Mesopotamia or modern Iraq.

5. Put

Identified as modern Libya in many sources. More than likely it is Libya in the Ezekiel reference. However, some scholars identify Put with modern Somalia and Yemen. All of these countries are anti-Israel. Al Qaeda is a major factor in Yemen and Somalia. Now also part of the radical Islamist rebel group now running Libya.

6. Gomer

Usually identified as an ancient people who settled in the far north around the Black Sea in what is now North-Eastern Turkey and Southern Russia. Some settled even further north while others may have migrated over the Caucasus into Western Asia.

7. Togarmah

North-eastern Turkey, Armenia, or Azerbaijan.


All of the modern nations possibly associated with this prophecy today except Armenia are now anti-Israel in some form or another. Iran and Turkey are the most certain of the modern nations identified in the prophecy along with Libya. With Turkey being the key since so many of the ancient nations listed were located in Asia minor. The far northern ancient countries of Meshech, Tubal, and Gomer are likely part of the modern nation of Russia.

Does all this mean that Ezekiel 38-39 may soon be fulfilled? Not necessarily, but it is sure a possibility.

The whole Muslim Middle East and North Africa is in turmoil and in play. Iran says it will soon destroy Israel, the Palestinian’s are constatly preparing for war, Iran supports radicals against Israel in Southern Lebanon, and the Israeli’s have indicated that they will not stand by and watch Iran become a nuclear power.

Now Turkey is against Israel, and both Turkey and Russia are involved together with Iran in Military actions in Syria. And Syria has always been against Israel.

It sure does seem like the major players are all in place and beginning to line up.

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