-Q: What if Adam and Eve never ate from the wrong Tree—would they still be in the Garden? Then what about the rest of us since childbirth seems to be a resulting punishment?

-A: It is possible they would still be there. However the Biblical record doesn’t really speak to that possibility one way or another except when they fell they were kicked out of the place.

What about the rest of us?

It merely says in 3:16 that childbearing would now be painful not that it was a punishment. There is no way to tell from the Bible whether or not the rest of us would have been born or not; but in Genesis 1:27 it does say to “be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” That passage does come before the Fall in Genesis 3.

This actually lends some credence to the possibility that all of us might have eventually been born in an expanded Garden of Eden and in far better conditions than we now live in. Of course this is speculation since the Bible doesn’t actually confirm this anywhere and God knew for sure what was going to happen and the whole future of humanity ahead of time.

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