Pastor Rick Warren speaking to a conference with members of Focus on the Family, Campus Crusade For Christ, and dozens of pastors in the audience, complained about how Christians in America focus on opposing abortion, homosexuality, and pornography but forget the Biblical imperatives (Book of James) to care for orphans, widows, and the poor:

“We’ve got some people who only focus on moral purity and couldn’t care less about the poor, the sick, the uneducated. And they haven’t done zip for those people,” … “It’s time for the church to stop debating the Bible and start doing it.”

The conferees substantially agreed with Pastor Warren. Now there are plans underway to launch a campaign for encouraging Christians to adopt orphans and to serve as foster parents.


This is long over due. Evangelicals have become notable as a group that opposes abortion and homosexuals. It is time for us to become known as a people who actually help the poor, support the widows, and father the orphans. Now that would really be ‘pro-life’.

One of the greatest weaknesses of the ‘pro-life’ movement is the lack of any program or concerted effort to care for ‘unwanted’ children after they are born. The ‘pro-choice’ folks have always maintained that the lack of care for ‘unwanted’ children was their strongest argument for abortion.               

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