Dr. Albert Mohler writes about the pornification of the culture and how it has invaded the offices at work and also public libraries. Mohler cites a Washington Times report:

The porn-at-work phenomenon is pervasive enough, a 2007 survey by the American Management Association and The ePolicy Institute found, that 65 percent of American companies use porn-detecting software – a dramatic increase from 40 percent in 2001.

Viewing porno has become an epidemic in not only business offices but also in the government. According to the report, 70 percent of pornography on the Internet is viewed at work.

But now, judges have put children and families in danger of exposure to pornography with rulings that public libraries cannot filter out porn on their computers. Dr. Mohler observes:

When public libraries become places parents do not let their children go, something precious is lost.

The Christian rock band, Rush of Fools,  is in the midst of a headlining tour but they are doing more than just spreading their music. They are also challenging Christians everywhere to join a bold new movement called- Freedom Begins Here– which calls for Christians to break the chains of pornography and sexual addiction.

According to statistics compiled by Freedom Begins Here, 42.7 per cent of internet users view pornography, 70% of lay leaders in the church admit to visiting adult websites at least once a week, and shockingly so do 40% of the pastors.

The Organization hopes to challenge Christians and churches to address the prevailing undercover problem, but not only that but to become part of the solution:

“The Freedom Begins Here project is about challenging the church to be part of the solution. Our hope is that a revolution of freedom would begin to take place in the lives of people everywhere.”

Response: Offices, libraries, churches and homes–amazing. Porn is a far larger problem than anyone wants to admit–especially those involved. It used to exist in seedy downtown theaters and stores on the other side of the tracks, but no more.

Now it is part of the clean culture of work and has entered into the protected realm of the home. The fact that so many Christian leaders admit to being involved in porn quite shocking.

If 70% of the leaders and 40% of the pastors admit to it, you can bet that the problem is actually far larger than that. It is obviously long over due for the issue to be seriously addressed by American churches.           

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