I found this article on the VOM Persecution Blog: Families shopping for groceries in Sterling Heights, Michigan, found fliers left on their cars with hate messages against Jews and Christians.

The Sterling Police are investigating the incident, although there was no damage done to the cars. The messages were rather unsettling to the families who received them. The fliers called for death and violence against Christians and Jews who refuse to believe in Islam:

“Kill Jews and Christians if they don’t believe in Allah and Mohammad. Fight those who do not believe.”

Another example of toleration from members of the ‘religion of peace’? The times certainly are changing. Incidents like this are so surreal and seem so unbelievable for most Americans. It is so tempting just to dismiss this as an isolated event.

However, a recent poll taken of Muslims in America show that 26% of those under 30 support some kind of violence in support of their religion. Similar polls taken in the UK and Europe show that they have even a greater problem. Also, incidents like this keep popping up in areas which have a substantial Arab and/or Muslim immigrant population.

Meanwhile, Muslim organizations, like CAIR in the US, try to present Islam as a ‘religion of peace’ yet significant portions of their own people belie such a designation.            

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