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-Somali Islamists: Obama Must Re-Convert to Islam or Else

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

            (Image by jmtimages via Flickr) MOGADISHU, Somalia – On Monday, a major Somali Islamist leader, Fuad Mohamed "Shongole" Qalaf of Al-Shabab, threatened to launch attacks upon America unless Pres. Obama re-converted to Islam: "We tell the American President Barack Obama to embrace Islam before we come to his country." The USA has thousands of […]

-Is President Obama a Muslim –No! But…

Friday, August 20th, 2010

(Image via Wikipedia) Is President Obama a Muslim? No! But he is very sympathetic to Islam. Also apparently 24% of the country think he is while only 47% believe that he’s a Christian. His father and his step father were Muslims and a good share of his extended family in Africa. Plus over the years […]