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-Forced Muslim Segregation of Sexes at London University Event?

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

                    (University College London: Wikipedia) It is common in Muslim countries to segregate the sexes and seat woman in the back at public events but now this also seems to happen occasionally in the UK, particularly at college events sponsored by Muslim organizations. An American scientist/atheist who was a recent guest at University College London […]

-Muslims Demanding Apologies for “Jabba’s Palace”?

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

                          (Jabba the Hutt: Wikipedia) Turkish Muslims in Austria are demanding that the Lego toy company apologize for defaming the famous Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul. They claim that the Lego model of Jabba’s Palace from Star Wars was ‘obviously’ and deliberately copied from the famous Turkish sanctuary. From the UK Telegraph: The Turkish Cultural […]