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-Please pray for Connor’s career

by Dr. D ~ May 25th, 2012

Hello, I’m in the Air Force here in England.  Please pray for me as my career is in supposedly in jeopardy.  I’m suppose to meet with my commander soon & he will determine to either demote me, separate me from the Air Force, delay my orders to my next base or cancel them…then again he could decide to keep me in & allow me to continue my career.
I’ve been in the military 17 years & only have 3 more to go until retirement.  Please pray that God will intercede in my behalf, save my career & allow me to remain in the Air Force…and to even make promotion to the next rank.  I have a wife & 3 kids that depend on me as I am the sole breadwinner.
Also, pray that our transition to another base soon goes smoothly.  I have 1 more month to go and I can finally leave this place that has given me so much grief.
Thank you,

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