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-Australia (PG-13)

Theater release: November 26, 2008 by Twentieth Century Fox, Directed by: Baz Luhrmann, Runtime: 165 minutes, Cast: Nicole Kidman (Lady Sarah Ashley), Hugh Jackman (Drover), David Wenham (Neil Fletcher), Brandon Walters (Nullah), David Gulpilil (King George). A far better picture than most of the reviews indicate. The story provides a panoramic picture of the Australian […]

-3:10 to Yuma (R)

Lionsgate, September 2007, Directed by James Mangold, 117 minutes. Cast: Christian Bale (Dan Evans), Russell Crowe (Ben Wade), Ben Foster (Charlie Prince), Logan Lerman (William Evans), Peter Fonda (Byron McElroy), Gretchen Mol (Alice Evans), Lennie Lofton (Hollander). The acting in this movie is excellent. It started out being about shootouts, cattle stampedes, and robberies; and […]