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MOVIES & TV Commentary: Commenting on Religion in the Media

This site is part of ANSWERS For The Faith Blogs.

It contains commentary and evaluations on how religion is portrayed in movies and on TV from an Evangelical Christian perspective. The reviews are limited to movies and TV shows that I have personally viewed and have interest in. I try to identify any religious themes or any moral lesson/s in each one reviewed.

For comprehensive Christian reviews on all current movies in the theater and on DVD, see our referral page: “Christian Movie & TV Review Sites”.

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Reviewer profile is following:

dad.JPG Dr. Michael G. Davis

-Ordained Minister

-Education: D.Min. , Rel.M. -Claremont School of Theology

-Major Areas of Study: Pastoral Counseling, Hermeneutics (Bible Interpretation), & Eschatology (Theology of the Last Things).


-Present Occupation: Retired

*Theological Statement:

1. THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EVANGELICALS STATEMENT OF FAITH -is the guiding confession for this site.

2. We believe in the Continuation of All Spiritual Gifts until the coming of Our Lord.

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