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-Rust (PG)

by Dr. D ~

*Note: I already reviewed the film below and included the trailer. However this review by Dana Chaffin includes the incredible back story behind the film. The background of the film’s development is a whole separate story that is just as inspirational as the film itself. Enjoy Dana’s review:

RUST: A Mystery of faith


Review by Dana Chaffin

The new inspiring movie Rust is available October 5, 2010 on DVD. This film has all the elements of a great mystery with a helping of faith. The story keeps viewers on the edge of their seat just waiting to see how it all turns out. The story behind the movie, the choice of location, and the cast could in itself be an award winning movie. The excitement of both the movie and the story behind the movie will leave you with a sense of hope.

The Movie

Rust was written by actor Corbin Bernsen, (LA Law, Major League). It is the story of a middle aged pastor that leaves his calling and returns to his hometown to ponder his life and his faith in God’s plan for his life. It was not quite the return he had hoped for; his father was not too welcoming, his sister was struggling in her marriage, and his childhood friend was being blamed for a mysterious fire. This man must now decide to follow his gut feeling that his friend is innocent and fight to clear him or just worry about his own problems. Not wanting to give too much away, by the choice he makes and how it all unfolds is outstanding.

The Story behind the movie

The story of the film developed as Corbin Bernsen examined his own faith after the passing of his father. In an interview with CBN Corbin says “We don’t know what the plan is (speaking of God’s plan). We just have to have faith in the plan.” Bernsen has been acting for many years and has even started a movie production company called Team Cherokee Productions, but writing and/or producing Faith films was not something he ever really planned.

It all started because of a red paper clip. That is right and I will show you! In 2005, Kyle MacDonald began bartering his way from a single red paper clip to eventually a house. You can see all the trade information and the story of Kyle MacDonald at www.oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com, which has had over 9 million visitors since July 2005. He made several trades that included a snowmobile, a van, a recording contract, an afternoon with Alice Cooper, and more.

Bernsen heard about all the media attention this was getting and decided to offer a role in a Hollywood movie. At the time Bernsen did not have any movie plans, but he worked fast and came up with a movie called Donna on Demand. MacDonald secured a trade with the small Canadian town of Kipling for the movie role and they would trade a city owned two-story house. He had done it, in less than one year MacDonald had traded from a red paper clip to a house. The city of Kipling was excited because they made a trade that one of their citizens would get a role in a Hollywood movie produced by Corbin Bernsen.

Bernsen thought this person would get a line or two to satisfy the agreement, but he never imagined the talent he would find. Nolan Hubbard eventually won the role. Kipling held auditions and 150 people from the 1,000 population showed up to audition. Bernsen was so impressed with Hubbard that he was cast as a lead in Corbin’s third film Rust. The town of Kipling wanted to do another movie with Bernsen so much that the town raised over $230,000 to fund the movie. Not only was Rust shot in Kipling, but most of the actors were from there or surrounding communities. See, it really did all start with one red paper clip!

Rust may not have started out as a faith based film, but once God got involved it sure turned out that way. It is amazing to see how all this came together. The story is one of hope and restoration, but the story behind the movie is an example of faith. Learn more about the movie at www.rustmovie.com. Also on the website is a great study guide.

Dana Chaffin is a Christian freelance writer who has published many articles on sites like: faithwriters.com, christianmediaalliance.com, and extantmagazine.com. Passionate about Christian film, her desire is to get the word out about Christian movies to as many people as possible. Email signgal@faithwriters.net

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