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-NCIS: Forced Reconversion or Death–another Look at the Recent ‘Faith’ Story Line

by Dr. D ~

image On Wednesday I wrote about how in this weeks story lines the writers of NCIS and particularly NCIS LA had turned the Major Hasan FT. Hood story on its ear. In rehashing over the NCIS episode -“Faith” (12/15) -in particular,  I realize that I had missed an obvious Muslim tradition within the story that was even more offensively reversed by the writers—forced reconversion or death.

In this episode an American military family was shown to be guilty of trying to force their Muslim convert son/brother to drop Islam. In the end it turned out to be his own brother who had killed the Muslim officer because he had ‘dishonored’ the family with his conversion to Islam and his refusal to recant.

I totally missed the irony of this story line.   <<Read the rest on the Main AFTF blog>>


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