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The Oscars 2007: Comments

by Dr. D ~

Congratulations to Helen Mirren who won Best Actress for her role as Queen Elizabeth II.  It was an incredible performance and the award was well deserved.  Is anyone really surprised that Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” didn’t win anything despite 3 nominations?  Still believe that the cinematography in it was among the best I have ever seen.

The latest ‘Pirates’ movie takes the visual effects award.  That was the only really good thing about “Dead Man’s Chest“.  Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” proves that politics is alive and well in Hollywood despite the clamping down on award statements.  They should have called it the honorable “Dixie Chicks Award” after the recent political victory garnered by that group at the music awards.

Martin Scorsese finally won, a great director and long over due.  However, I will never forgive him for that Jesus movie he did, which shall remain unnamed.

Highlight of the night?: The music drowning out Al Gore.


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