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-Night at the Museum (PG)

by Dr. D ~

20th Century Fox, Dec. 2006, Directed by Shawn Levy, 108 min.  Cast:
Ben Stiller (Larry Daley), Dick Van Dyke (Cecil), Carla Gugino (Rebecca), Robin Williams (Theodore Roosevelt), Owen Wilson (Jedediah), Steve Coogan (Octavius), Jake Cherry (Nick), Mickey Rooney (Gus), Bill Cobbs (Reginald), Ricky Gervaise (Dr. McPhee)

Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is a self-made down-on-his-luck entrepreneur, or loser.  Take your pick.  He is about to lose his apartment and his ex is threatening to cut him off from his son Nick (Jake Cherry).  He needs a regular job to save his situation, but the night guard position he takes at the Metro Museum is anything but ‘regular’.  As soon as the sun goes down and the doors are locked, the fun begins.

The ‘retiring’ former guards leave him with an instruction book, but fail to tell him that everything comes alive at night, including all the statues, the stuffed animals, and even the miniature displays.  This movie is incredible fun and family friendly.  Robin Williams comes alive as the ‘wax’ figure of Theodore Roosevelt and gives Larry support in controlling the uncontrollable.  Owen Wilson as a miniature cowboy is a riot and his counterpart, the miniature Octavius (Roman General) played by Steve Coogan also brings levity with an ostentatious attitude.

Much of the plot is predictable but who cares, this becomes a fun family frolic every time the sun goes down.  You can’t wait to see what happens next, even if you do sort of know how it’s all going to turn out.  I highly recommend it, see it now or see it later on DVD.


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