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X-Men: The Last Stand (PG-13)

by Dr. D ~

20th Century Fox, 2006, Starring: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellen, Halle Berry, Kelsey Grammer.

On one level, this movie is a fast paced popcorn action flick that can be enjoyed by those hoping to get away from reality. On another level, many reviewers have detected parallels to all sorts of current issues and cultural conflicts portrayed in the story.  There is the continuing moral question of treatment of minority people who are quite different and maybe even scary.

There are a number of new mutants introduced in this movie.  Kelsey Grammer plays ‘The Beast’, who is a mild mannered politician-‘The Secretary of Mutant Affairs’, until the final battle begins.  Another back story involves ‘Angel’, who tries to cut off his own wings as a child, in order to gain approval from his father.

It is Angel’s father who bankrolls the development of an antidote to the mutant gene.  Ironically, it was developed from blood of a mutant which deadens the unique abilities of other mutants.  All mutants are faced with how to respond to this new ‘treatment’.  Those who would like to be ‘normal’ are tempted to accept the voluntary procedure.  Rogue, for instance, would like to finally touch the ones she loves without bringing extreme injury or death.

Magneto views this development as tantamount to a declaration of war, and seeks to eliminated the ‘problem’.  Our superheroes stand between the Humans and the rogue mutants following Magneto.  The main battle is impressive but lasts only a short time.  There are a couple of major characters who are apparently eliminated, and there are a lots of loose ends at the finish of the movie.  If you wait all the way through to the end of the credits, at least one loose end may be resolved.  The special effects and the end battle are worth the price of admission.

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