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Archive for the 'Pornography' Category

-Porn Use Among Christians Continues to Escalate

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

Porn use among Christians in America, who regularly attend church, continues to escalate according to the latest Barna Group research. From Charisma News: The latest statistics on pornography and the church were released by the Barna Group at the Set Free Summit in Greensboro, NC earlier this year. The existing statistics were daunting enough, stating […]

-Liberals and Conservatives Agree- Porn Harms

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

  Here’s something liberals and conservative can now agree on- pornography actually harms society. From Citizen Link: Conservatives and liberals can agree about pornography: It’s harmful to society and the future of our relationships. One of Britain’s most liberal authors, Martin Amis, briefly discusses why he believes pornography is not good for society. He describes […]

-Vermont: Looking to legalize Teen ‘Sexting’

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Last week the Vermont legislature voted to legalize gay marriage, now they’re seriously considering a bill to legalize teen ‘sexting’. What is ‘sexting’? A new craze among teenagers to text message graphic pictures of yourself to friends. Currently, teenagers could be prosecuted as sex offenders if caught sending graphic sexual images of themselves, even if […]

-Cultural Pornification- In the Office and the Church

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Dr. Albert Mohler writes about the pornification of the culture and how it has invaded the offices at work and also public libraries. Mohler cites a Washington Times report: The porn-at-work phenomenon is pervasive enough, a 2007 survey by the American Management Association and The ePolicy Institute found, that 65 percent of American companies use […]