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Archive for the 'Anti-Semitism' Category

-Iran: Annihilate Israel and Kill All Jews

Monday, February 6th, 2012

                                  (Image via Wikipedia) I don’t know if you have been following events in the Middle east lately or not but the ‘war of words’ has been heating up in the last week or so in regard to Israel and Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Last week US Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta said that he […]

-Turkey: Discrimination of Israeli Jews -Is This the Beginning?

Monday, September 5th, 2011

            (Image via Wikipedia) Forty Israeli Jews arriving in Istanbul, Turkey on a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel were separated out from other travelers, detained, strip searched, and questioned for over an hour. This is the first time that Israelis have ever been subjected to this kind of treatment. Meanwhile, the Turkish press is conveniently […]

-Iran: London Olympics Logo is ‘Racist’ May Boycott

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Iran has issued an official protest of the logo for the 2012 London Olympics. The Iranian authorities claim it is ‘racist’ and contains the word ‘Zion’. They are threatening to boycott the  2012 Olympics if it is not changed. According to the secretary general of Iran’s National Olympic Committee Bahram Afsharzadeh said that his country […]

-Germany: Muslim Youths attack Jewish Dance Group

Friday, June 25th, 2010

(Image via Wikipedia) This is another one of those horrific stories that demonstrate the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, in this case Germany of all places. Last Saturday in Hannover, Germany, Muslim youths threw rocks at a Jewish dance group during a street festival injuring one dancer and forcing the group to cancel its performance. […]

-Tensions Rise between Jewish and Muslim Students at UCI

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

(UCI via Wikipedia) The proposed suspension of the Muslim Student Union group on campus at UCI (University of California,Irvine) has brought even greater tension between Jewish and Muslim students. Though the majority say they are just going about their business of getting an education. Now it is the Muslim students who seem to be on […]

-Radical ‘Muslim Student Union’ Finally Suspended at UCI

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

(UCI via Wikipedia) It is about time that the Administration at UCI (University of California, Irvine) took action against the ‘Muslim Student Union’ on campus. The Muslim student group has been suspended for one school year. We have written about this radical student group several times before based mostly upon anecdotal complaints from Christians and […]