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Archive for the 'Star Wars: Fate of The Jedi' Category

-Star Wars: Fate of The Jedi Series –“Allies”

By Christie Golden (New York: Ballantine Books, Lucasfilm LTD, 2010, 359 pages) The latest offering in the ‘Fate of the Jedi’ series. Grand Master Luke Skywalker is still banished and he and his son Ben continue their quest to discover what has been causing young Jedi to flip out and become crazy. They have discovered […]

-Star Wars: Fate of The Jedi Series –“Outcast”

By Aaron Allston (New York: Random House Pub., 2009, 318 pages) “Outcast” is the first book in the new Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi series. The war is over, Jacen Solo is dead and gone, and the Galactic Alliance is expanding under leadership of Natasi Daala. In a move to consolidate her power and […]