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-"Bridging The Divide"

by Dr. D ~

:”The Continuing Conversation Between A Mormon and an Evangelical”

image By Dr. Robert L Millet and Rev. Gregory C.V. Johnson (Rhinebeck, New York: Monkfish Book Pub. Co., 2007, 185 pages)

In many ways, this is a continuation of “How Wide The Divide”, it even has a forward by Craig Blomberg and Stephen Robinson the authors of the aforementioned work.

In this book, Robert Millet, a professor at BYU gives us a current view of Mormonism; while Gregory Johnson an evangelical pastor in Utah, who is a former LDS and a graduate of Denver Seminary, stands in for the Evangelical viewpoint.

Another very helpful book for understanding the differences that continue to separate Evangelicals and Mormons. But also helpful in defining areas of agreement, terms and perspectives that continue to cause confusion, and possible areas of cooperation. It is a valuable attempt at bridging the tensions that still persist when evangelicals and LDS converse about their faiths.

In one section, the two writers pose major questions to one another about their faiths with in-depth expositions. In the next, they answer questions from an audience, some are quite controversial. At the end are valuable conclusions from both writers and an appendix which includes: “Some Guiding Principles of Constructive Conversation”.

A valuable book for both evangelicals and Mormons who really wish to understand each other better.            *Top

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