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-"Getting Noticed on Google"

by Dr. D ~

By Ben Norman (Southam,UK: Computer Step, In Easy Steps series, 2007, 192 pages)

image The book is an introduction to Google. All of the Google tools and services are mentioned and examples are given on how to sign up, set up and use Google stuff for the benefit of your website or blog.  While the emphasis is on websites in general, nearly all of the info. is equally valid and useful for bloggers.

Most of the chapters in the book are about SEO–that is, how to properly optimize your website in order to get noticed by Google and receive the highest ranking possible from their search engine. This was quite valuable for me in that there was some information about Google SEO that I really wasn’t aware of. 

Already I have put a few of the suggestions to use and have seen an increase of traffic to my blogs in the matter of a week or so.

The book was very easy to understand and had numerous illustrations and valuable tips to demonstrate info. in each chapter. Also there is a valuable glossary at the back of the book and the index is complete enough that I will be able to find particular referral and references from the book in the future. Considering all of the valuable info., the book was well worth the price and the reading time invested.            *Top

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