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Update: Star Wars: Legacy of The Force

by Dr. D ~

Book Three: "Tempest" by Troy Denning (New York: Ballantine Books, 2006, 392 pages)


I just finished the third book (Tempest) in this series.  So far the books have been fast paced, full of action, and I haven’t been able to put them down till the last page.  It is near heaven for any Star Wars enthusiast.

In the "Tempest", Jacen Solo (Han & Leia’s son) is well on his way to becoming a Sith Lord.  He is following in the footsteps of his grandfather before him -Anakin and some of the parallels between Jacen and Darth Vader are quite chilling.  He is keeping his nefarious affairs well hidden.

Grand Master Luke Skywalker is concerned about Jacen turning to the dark side and is suspicious about his possible relationship with a Sith (a former Jedi and girl friend) called Lumiya.  He is even more worried that Jacen is trying to drag his son Ben over to the dark side.  Jacen is presently training Ben and hopes to make him his Sith apprentice.

There are several ‘cliff-hangers’ at the end of Book 3.  Did Lumiya survive her battle with Luke?  Is there another Sith Lord behind the scenes somewhere and who?  Jacen tried to shoot down the Millennium Falcon with his own parents on-board.  Did they all survive?

I can’t wait till Book 4: Exile comes out at the end of the month.  By the way, it seems that there are nine books planned for this series.


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