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"Star Wars: Legacy of The Force: Betrayal"

by Dr. D ~

By Aaron Allston (New York: Ballantine Books, 2006, 387 pages)


For fans of Star Wars books, this begins a new series called "Legacy of the Force".  It continues with the major characters from The New Jedi Order series and follows The Dark Nest Triology -roughly 40 years in time after the first movie: Star Wars IV-A New Hope that started it all.

Han and Leia Solo and their close friends of many years, like Wedge Antilles, should be embarking upon and enjoying their golden retirement years, but once again they find themselves in the midst of Galactic conflict.

Han’s home planet, Corellia, is no longer satisfied with being merely a part of the Galactic Alliance, but wants to pursue a path of greater independence.  Events cascade out of control and Han and Wedge find themselves in a conflict against Alliance forces including their own daughters who are among the fighter pilots opposing them.  Leia tries to support her husband while trying to keep her children from being killed or killing their own father.

A ‘dark Jedi’ appears and complicates the entire process of war and peace.  Han and Leia’s son Jacen winds up opening a ‘dark’ door in a series of events that one wonders if he will ever extricate himself from.  Also, will his uncle Grand Jedi Master Luke Skywalker be up to saving the galaxy once more.

The conflict between long time friends and family members is more than disturbing, and all the problems and conflicts initiated in this book will be more than difficult to resolve in the next two books to come in this series:  Bloodlines (already out in paperback), and Tempest.   I promise you, it should definitely be interesting.


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