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The Book of Joel

Completed Lessons: 1. Joel: Introduction           2. Joel: Outline 3. Joel: 1:1-12           4. Joel: 1:13-14         5. Joel: 1:15-20

JOEL: 1:15-20 ‘That Day’

Vs.15 The writer compares ‘that day’ to the final ‘day of the Lord’ in this verse. ‘That Day’ is code for decisive events where God intervenes in history similar to the final ‘Day of the Lord’ at the end of time. Joel understands the natural attack of the Locusts to be a Divine intervention of […]

JOEL: 1:13-14 A Time For Repentance

1:13-14 A Time For Repentance Vs 13 Joel is declaring to the priests that it is time for them to repent. With the coming of the locust plague, those who administer the daily grain and drink offerings in the temple are out of business. All they can do is put on Sackcloth and cry out […]

JOEL: 1:1-12 A Plague of Locust

In chapter one, a natural invasion of locust infests the entire land of Israel and the prophet Joel sees the plague as a judgment from God and calls for repentance. One key to understanding the purpose of this writing is in the prophet’s own name itself, Joel means: Yahweh (or Jehovah in English) is God’. […]

JOEL: Outline

JOEL: A Teaching Outline I. The Day of the Lord in the Past 1 A. The Past Day of the Locust 1:1-12 B. The Past Day of the Drought 1:13-20 II. The Day of the Lord in the Future 2:1-3:21 A. The Coming Day of the Lord 2:1-27 1. Prophecy of the Coming Invasion of […]