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JOEL: 1:13-14 A Time For Repentance

by Dr. D ~

1:13-14 A Time For Repentance

Vs 13 Joel is declaring to the priests that it is time for them to repent. With the coming of the locust plague, those who administer the daily grain and drink offerings in the temple are out of business. All they can do is put on Sackcloth and cry out in repentance before the Lord directly.

Vs 14 Joel also tells the priests to call for an official fast, to notify the elders and all the people of the land that now is the time for everyone to cry out to the Lord in repentance.

Joel, in his prophetic role, sees in the locust plague a judgment from God over the whole land and people. According to the prophet Joel, it is time for the whole nation to repent.

Today when natural disasters strike, the last thing that people want to hear is that it could be a judgment from God. Most of the time it probably isn’t, but if a minister does declare that the event could be a judgment, than he or she is always ridiculed. However, in the last days according to the scriptures, God will bring major judgments upon the whole earth. In those days, He will also send his prophets once more to declare his word and his judgment. *Top

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2 Responses to JOEL: 1:13-14 A Time For Repentance

  1. John Davis

    6 A nation has invaded my land,
    powerful and without number;
    it has the teeth of a lion,
    the fangs of a lioness.

    7 It has laid waste my vines
    and ruined my fig trees.
    It has stripped off their bark
    and thrown it away,
    leaving their branches white.

  2. John Davis

    Joel 1:4 The precise meaning of the four Hebrew words used here for locusts is uncertain.

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