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-Acts: ‘Prophetess Daughters’?

Q: I am in a quandary, my final exam on Acts in Bible Study has a question: "name the man who had seven prophetess daughters?"   HELP! I just can’t find the answer. –Paula A: Paula, the only reference in Acts to ‘prophetess daughters’ is in Acts 21:9 and there were only 4. Phillip the Evangelist […]

-Philip and his Daughters

Q:  How many daughters did Philip have and did they prophesy the same as he did? -Cheryl A:  According to Acts 21:8-9, Philip had 4 unmarried daughters who prophesied. However, Philip is called an Evangelist in Acts 21:8 and the scriptures do not mention him as one involved in prophetic ministry. He was also one […]

-The Bible is a Jewish Book

Q:  It is said that Judaism came before Christianity and that there were Jewish prohets such as ( Jeremiah, Isaya) who prophesied about Jesus years before He was born and earlier there stories of Moses and Abraham and Isaack and Jackob. What i really want to know is whether these Biblical prophets and their prophecies […]