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-Which Came First Moses or Job -or- who Lived the Longest?

Q:  Please who was older between Job and Moses? Where in the Bible can I find verses to show who was older? A:  Are you asking which came first or who lived the longest? Most Bible scholars believe that Job was written before Moses came along. In fact many think that Job is the oldest […]

-Is The Ark of the Covenant Really in Ethiopia?

Q:  Is the Ark of the Covenant really in Ethiopia? Someone told me that last week. A:  The Ethiopians have a long tradition that it is, however the Ethiopian Church authorities will not let scholars inspect the Ark in their possession or even look at it for that matter. You probably heard about it because […]

-The First Tithe?

Q:  Who was the first person to give tithes to God?  -Nathan H A:  Abraham. From the very beginning, Adam and his family gave offerings to God (Gen. 4:3-5). However, the first mention of a tenth or a tithe being given is found in Gen. 14:18-20. Abraham had just won a great battle against some […]

-The Bible is a Jewish Book

Q:  It is said that Judaism came before Christianity and that there were Jewish prohets such as ( Jeremiah, Isaya) who prophesied about Jesus years before He was born and earlier there stories of Moses and Abraham and Isaack and Jackob. What i really want to know is whether these Biblical prophets and their prophecies […]