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-God Liked Abel’s Offering but Not Cain’s?

Q:  Gen 4: 3-5 God looked favorable upon Abel’s offering but not Cain’s. Why? It doesn’t seem fair to me. A:  Actually verse 7 gives us a clue. Cain was really not trying to do what was right but just trying to get by. Verse 3 says that he merely brought some fruit as an […]

-If Adam and Eve never Fell…

-Q: What if Adam and Eve never ate from the Tree—would they still be in the Garden? Then what about the rest of us since childbirth seems to be a resulting punishment? -A: It is possible they would still be there. However the Biblical record doesn’t really speak to that possibility one way or another […]

-How Long Did Adam and Eve Live in The Garden?

Q:  How long did Adam and Eve live in the Garden? A:  There is no way of telling. The Bible doesn’t really give us any clues. It could have been a few days or hundreds of years—no way of knowing. However it does say that Adam got rather lonely before Eve came along so it […]

-Genesis 3: Did God Create Evil?

Q: In Genesis 3 evil comes into the world. Why did God create evil? After all if God supposedly created everything then he must have created evil also. A: God did not create evil. He did create Satan who had been his highest angel but became evil by choice. He also created the man and […]

-Is God Merely the Sum Total of Everything?

Q: Isn’t God just the sum total of everyone and everything in the Universe—he or she is the creation itself? A: That is a ‘pantheistic’ perspective of God which is what a lot of Eastern religions teach.  It is not the teaching of the Bible. We have had this exact question before-here’s a link to […]

-Gen.1: There was Light before the Sun was Created?

Q: In Genesis 1, we read that God created light before He created the Sun.  What is this light?  -Chris T. A: Actually the Sun or stars for that matter are not the only sources of light in the universe. Last night I flipped on the ‘light’ switch when it got dark. But more seriously, […]