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-The Burial Crypt of James The Brother of Jesus?

by Dr. D ~


Q: There was much to do about some sort of burial crypt of James the Brother of Jesus being found. Then Some scholars claimed it was a fake—what ever happened to that deal?

A:  The jury is literally still out on that issue. A trial over the authenticity of the James ‘the brother of Jesus’ Ossuary is still going on in Israel. The evidence against the Ossuary has been found to be suspect. However that does not necessarily mean that the artifact is authentic though for me the evidence is leaning in that direction.

By the way, it was not a crypt in question but an Ossuary with writing on the side designating it as containing the bones of James the Brother of Jesus. An Ossuary is a stone box where bones of the dead were traditionally deposited in ancient Judea. (See the picture above)

N.T. scholar Ben Witherington is one of the experts on this issue, here’s his most recent update: <<The Dead Shall Have Their Say– More on the James Ossuary>>

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