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-The Names of Philip’s Daughters?

by Dr. D ~

Q:  What were the names of Philip four daughters that were prophets -Veronica

A:  Actually, the Bible does not tell us their names. Also early Christian history is silent in this regard. Several early Christian writers, Eusebius for one, did get Philip the Evangelist mixed up with Philip the Apostle who had 3 daughters. Note, there are accounts of traditional burial sites for two of the daughters of Philip the Apostle.           *Top 

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4 Responses to -The Names of Philip’s Daughters?

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  2. Mark Carlson-Ghost

    While it is true that the Bible doesn’t give us the names of the four daughters, several non-Biblical sources do. I also think the preponderance of evidence suggests most of the non-Biblical sources refer to Philip the Deacon and not Philip the Apostle. All that said, the names given in historical accounts are not always consistent. One source names three of them: Hermione, Eutychis, and Mariamne. But Mariamne is elsewhere identified as the disciple Philip’s sister and confusion between the disciple Philip and the deacon Philip described in Acts of the Apostles. A hagiography of Hermione only identifies the name of one of her sisters: Eukhidia.

    Another source lists the names of the four sisters as Heminone, Chariline, Irais and Eutychiane. It is interesting to note that in the extra-Biblical Acts of Philip, the disciple Philip encounters a young pagan woman named Charitine, who accepts the Christian faith and adopted the dress of a man thereafter. This seemed to happen more often in Phyrgia (modern day Turkey), where Philip and at least two of his daughters settled. Herminone and Euknidia appear to have lived and adopted a spiritually inspired medical practice according to the story of Saint Hermione passed down by the Greek Orthodoz church.

    To summarize this scanty information: one of Philip’s daughters is clearly Hermione, another is variously identified as Eutychis, Eutychiane or Eukhidia, a third is named Irais, and the fourth may be Chariline, Mariamne, or another name entirely. Since Mariamne is already all too commonly found in early church accounts, I opt to refer to the fourth sister as Chariline. A longer article about the four sisters is available on my website.

  3. Dr. D

    Thanks Mark for the helpful information.

  4. Beverly Branch

    Mark where or what books can I find info on Philip’s daughters since the bible don’t speak of them?

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