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-Devotion and Prayer for the Day: Psalm 65

by Dr. D ~ February 16th, 2022

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Join us in today’s prayer and devotion-

Read Psalm 65 and then join us in prayer:

Our Father,

Blessed are the ones you choose and bring near. We rejoice in the goodness of your Kingdom and the blessing of your Spirit within us.

Through awesome actions in nature you continually answer us O God of our salvation. You have provided us with a bountiful creation, with water and plenty of food to sustain us. The beauty of nature testifies to your character and the order of your rule and gives us hope and confidence in the future both in this life and the one to come.

You have sent your own Son into the world to save it and we are the heirs of his sacrifice for all eternity. You have graced us with your Spirit and our bodies have become the new temple. Let your Kingdom come down in our midst and let us become the servants you have called us to be and complete the vision that you have placed within us.

Let your Word go forth to all of the world and let every nation and people hear about your Son and the good news of the Kingdom.

Let this be the generation that rises up and becomes the church and the people who participate in the greatest harvest of all time.

Let your Kingdom come, let your will be done on the earth as it is in Heaven. We will continue to praise your name now and forever.

In the Precious name of your Son Jesus we pray, Amen.

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