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-Devotion and Prayer for the Day: Psalm 22

by Dr. D ~ December 6th, 2021

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Join us in today’s prayer and devotion-

Read Psalm 22 and then join us in prayer:

Our Father,

Your Son cried out from the cross: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” and some are tempted to say similar words in the midst of world-wide strife and pandemic. Yet your Word confirms your love for us and we receive joy and encouragement from your Holy Spirit daily in the midst of it all.

Rise up O Lord and bring blessings and revival in the midst of this trouble. Let your truth and justice rain down upon the whole earth; let your Spirit be poured out upon all nations, people, and tongues. The enemy has exceeded his authority and is boasting that all the world is under his sway and control.

Rise up O Lord and let the hidden things of the enemy come to light and let the truth prevail. Let the light of your Son shine as a beacon and an ensign to all nations in the midst of this trouble. Let the truth about your Word and and the Good News of your Kingdom be preached in every nation and among every people.

We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and blessings for the people and nation of Israel as a demonstration of your promises and Word. We are looking for the day when your law will once more come out of Jerusalem with healing and blessing for all people at the coming of your Son Jesus. In the meantime, let your church stand up and fulfill its calling and destiny by demonstrating your Word and Kingdom in power and great authority with signs and wonders, miracles and healing.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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