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-Devotion and Prayer for the Day: Micah 2-3

by Dr. D ~ August 18th, 2021

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Join us in today’s prayer and devotion-

Read Micah 2-3 and then join us in prayer:

Our Father,

Through the prophet Micah You proclaimed judgment upon those who plan to do that which is evil and carry it out. You also proclaimed against the leaders and prophets of Jacob that loved evil rather than good and lead the nation astray. You also said that You would not hear false judges and religious leaders in their time of trouble; those who mislead the people for personal riches and power.

Today in America we have political leaders and cultural teachers and prophets along with religious leaders calling that which is ‘evil’ as ‘good’ and what you call good in Your Word as evil; They claim that Your Word is no longer valid.

We pray for a new awakening in our country that will bring the leaders and the people back to You and Your Son Jesus; a revival that will transform this nation and bring the majority of the people back to respect the truth that is found in Your Word.

We pray also for the church and religious leaders that they may stand up and be heard and once more be faithful to Your teaching and boldly preach Your Gospel regardless of what others may think; with signs and miracles following to demonstrate that Your Word is still true in this generation.   

In Jesus name, Amen.

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