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-Devotion and Prayer for the Day: Psalm 71

by Dr. D ~ July 21st, 2020

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Join us in today’s prayer and devotion-

Read Psalm 71 and then join us in prayer:

Our Father,

You have been there for us from the very start. We have leaned on you from before our birth; you are he who called us from our mother’s womb. We continually praise your name and the name of your Son Jesus.

You have been there with us through many trials, troubles and calamities, you were faithful through them all and revived us again and again; and you are with us now in the midst of this pandemic.You are our hope in this life and our salvation in the next.

Our lips will shout for joy and sing praises to you; our soul also rejoices for you have redeemed us forever. Our voices will tell of your righteous acts, of your deeds of salvation while there is yet day. With your mighty power  we will take the good news of your coming Kingdom to every nation; we will sing of your praises and the salvation of your Son Jesus in every tongue.

The enemy comes against us and his minions try to bring us down. His followers make fun of us and discount your words and deeds of past generations. Put them to shame and demonstrate your power in this generation to an unbelieving people. Let them be surprised and let the nation be revived.

Strengthen us for the task even now though some of our heads are grey and we are called old and dismissed as those who history has past by. Some who think they are smart call your Word- ‘irrelevant teachings of a bygone era;’ and your mighty deeds- ‘nothing but myths and superstitions from the past.’ Prove them wrong, bring forth healings and miracles today that cannot be dismissed or denied.

Through signs and wonders confound the evil one and help us bring the good news to a new generation that has not heard nor seen your mighty works. Let your word be demonstrated in power and let the church rise up from the dust and become an ensign of your Kingdom that people will gather to from every nation and let your praises be sung in every language before that great day when your Son comes again.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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