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-Devotion and Prayer for the Day: Psalm 20

by Dr. D ~ May 11th, 2020

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Join us in today’s prayer and devotion-

Read Psalm 20 and then join us in prayer:

Our Father:

Praise your name Lord, praise your name. Many times you have answered us when we called upon you in our times of trouble and difficulty. Once more an enemy is at our door in the form of a world-wide pandemic and we cry out to you. Our nation is in the midst of confusion, disease, death, and economic distress and our leaders are choosing to use the crisis for political gain rather than coming together in unity to find clarity and answers.

But your Holy Spirit working in us has called our attention to the division that our enemy the Devil is stirring up in our nation and in our cities; even divisions among your churches and believers. Rise up O Lord and bring healing and revival to our people, cities, and churches.
Let your Kingdom come down in our midst and bring love, healing, and freedom.

Let your light shine, let the truth reign, let your love transform and bring your salvation. Shatter the forces of disease and division and let them be exposed by the light of your Son and Spirit. Save us O Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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