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-The Genocide of Christians in Nigeria Continues

by Dr. D ~ August 21st, 2019


The genocide of Christians in Nigeria continues with little or no Western press coverage. According to the following article over 3,700 Christians were killed for their faith in 2018. From Faithwire:

You have to wade three or four pages deep into a Google search for “Nigerian genocide” before you see anything from the mainstream press — and when you do, it’s a New York Times story from 1968, following the country’s civil war. Legacy media outlets have been largely mum on the slaughter of Christians currently plaguing the West African country.

<Read the whole article>

Response: I submit that the coverage of the Western press would be far different If Christians in Nigeria were killing Muslims. It would fit far better into the popular press concern over so-called ‘Islamophobia,’ but it is radical Muslims killing Christians. As it stands, we have a growing problem of Christian persecution around the world and since the majority of it is being perpetrated by radical Muslims it is being ignored for the sake of not increasing anti-Muslim bigotry in the West.

Meanwhile, anti-Semitism is also being allowed to increase in America and in the West for the same reason. Muslims get a pass when they exhibit religious bigotry while concerns about the radical Muslim teaching in the Quran is called ‘blasphemy.’

Also, the on-going persecution of Christians in China is largely being ignored because China’s President Xi is seen by progressives in the media as a heroic opponent to President Trump. Christians and Muslims in China are both suffering under the worst persecution in China’s history since Mao tried to eliminate foreign religions after WWII. Meanwhile churches are being destroyed, pastors are being imprisoned, and books even positively mentioning God or the Christian religion are being censored or changed all with little or no Western media coverage.               *Top

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