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-Illinois: Pro-Life Parents May Be Forced to Pay For Daughter’s Abortion?

by Dr. D ~ July 29th, 2019

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A new bill passed by the Illinois House stands parental rights on its ear.  Pro-Life parents may not be able to stop their minor daughters from having abortions in the state, but now according to a new bill, they may be forced to pay for it regardless. From Christian Headlines:

Parents who object to their daughter’s abortion would be required to pay for it and could be held liable under a pro-choice bill that passed the Illinois House Wednesday.

The bill, H.B. 25, liberalizes the state’s abortion laws and declares abortion a “fundamental right," as Christian Headlines previously reported.

But the bill also repeals language that explicitly protected parents from being forced to pay for their daughter’s abortion if they didn’t give consent.

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Response: While the pro-life position has gained ground in recent years all around the country, progressive politicians have become even more radical and aggressive in their pro-abortion stands. In New York, legislators stood and applauded the killing of aborted babies born alive. While other pro-abortion radicals, like one Democratic presidential candidate, have actually called the pro-life position ‘immoral.’

In support of pro-abortion, many states have eroded parental rights by allowing minor children to have abortions without parental approval or even notification. Ironically, many of those same states won’t even allow school children to take aspirins without parental permission.

Nevertheless, in the state of Illinois, abortions have now gained the status of a ‘right’ that supersedes parental rights, religious freedom, and even the laws protecting minor children and common sense. Shame on Illinois House legislatures for ignoring the rights of the unborn, the parents, and religious conscience in favor of their own minority radical political positions. The state of Illinois has not been well served by these selfish radical elitist pols.

If this bill is ultimately is signed into law, look for a major lawsuit to follow that could go all of the way to the Supreme Court if it is tested by charging pro-life parents for their child’s abortion, done without their permission or even notification. So much for a government by the people and for the people.               *Top

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