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-Christian Speaker Pulled From Design Conference Over LGBT Complaints

by Dr. D ~ July 16th, 2019


A Christian was disinvited to speak at a Design Conference because of his church affiliation and Biblical beliefs. From Fox News:

David Roark, communications director for The Village Church, a Texas megachurch, was uninvited from the Circles Conference, a three-day event for graphics and user experience designers, because of his religious views. The conference is from Sept. 18-20.

The Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of AIGA refused to partner with Circles Conference if Roark was on the roster. The group said the church has “openly discriminatory policies and practices towards women and the LGBTQ+ community” and therefore did not meet its standards of inclusion.

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Response: This is just the beginning unless Christians finally stand up for their Biblical beliefs. What if all the other Christians involved decided not to participate in the conference since a Christian was discriminated against? It won’t happen since Christians are not use to supporting one another. Nevertheless it is time for Christians to begin to stand up for their beliefs rather than hide while there is still time.

We are so use to relying upon the First Amendment and freedom of religion that many of us refuse to see the developing danger that is starting to play out right in our faces. Many in this culture are already referring to conservative Christians as ‘haters’ and ‘bigots’ that need to be culturally depreciated and placed in the same evil category as racists.

John Ellis in an article in PJ Media responded to this news with this observation and warning for Christians:

Denying Christians access to professional opportunities over their beliefs is a giant step to further social ostracization. It’s also an unmistakable signal that Christians are viewed as social pariahs.

I totally agree with that assessment. Unless Christians begin to stand up for their rights or unless there is a major revival in this country that changes the culture,  conservative Christians in the future may find themselves increasingly discriminated against in the public square with little recourse other than to practice their beliefs in the closet within the four walls of their churches.               *Top

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1 Response to -Christian Speaker Pulled From Design Conference Over LGBT Complaints

  1. Brian

    Can you ever remember an occasion when Christians demanded that a gay speaker be pulled from a totally innocuous conference because of his views? I can’t.

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