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-Scientific Research: Girls and Boys Are Born to be Different

by Dr. D ~ March 29th, 2019


Recent scientific study confirms what parents have known for years but many are denying in this generation- boys and girls are different. In fact the brains of boys and girls are developed differently in the womb. From Daily Mail:

In a scientific first, researchers claim to have found that differences between men’s and women’s brains start in the womb.

The conclusion is likely to be controversial, with some experts claiming social influences are more important.

But scientists who did brain scans of 118 fetuses in the second half of pregnancy to analyse the links between gender and the connectivity of a developing brain believe the differences are biological.

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Response: This study is called ‘controversial’ because it comes against the new LGBT dictum that one can choose their own gender. Some children are even now being born without a gender identification on their birth certificates so that they can supposedly decide later.

In California, a law was passed that allows students to determine every day which gender they want to be without any parental approval. Meanwhile a judge in Canada is threatening parents with jail time if they don’t use a child’s new name and accept a her/his gender change.

But this study goes beyond the X and Y chromosomes and sexual biology. It identifies an actual difference between male and female brains right from the womb before any cultural or environmental considerations.

Since this research goes against progressive PC philosophy, expect it to be ignored or condemned. This generation supposedly accepts science when it comes to origins and supports their view of global warming but rejects it when it contradicts their closely held progressive PC views.

According to the Bible, God created male and female- different genders for a reason.  This research shows that the differences in genders start right from the beginning as the baby is developing in the womb.  Meanwhile, Congress is trying to pass a law that will restrict religious freedom when it comes to gender and sexual orientation even in religious organizations and churches.                    *Top

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