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-California Curriculum: Man-Boy a Form of ‘Sexual Orientation’ to Be Studied in Schools?

by Dr. D ~ March 25th, 2019

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Does the new LGBT supported SexEd curriculum being forced by law onto California public schools include studying all the different forms of ‘sexual orientation’ including pederasty (sexual "relationships" between adult men and boys)? Apparently so, and all without parental op-out provisions.  From Townhall:

…asked if and why BOUSD was teaching material on pederasty to ninth graders.

I might have expected Torres to outright dismiss such a claim as silly. Instead, after acting annoyed that this was the third time she was having to explain it, she shockingly seems to admit that they are indeed discussing pederasty as a form of sexuality.

"This is done because we are talking about historical perspectives of how gender relations and different sexual orientation have existed in history. Something that has occurred in history so this is really important."

It’s true that child molestation was normalized in certain ancient cultures, but did Torres really just frame the issue of pederasty as "sexual orientation"?

<Read the whole article>

Response: And so it begins. Parental rights are ignored and over-ridden in the California law providing for the new SexEd school curricula and that is obviously the point. The California progressives want to ‘educate’ (read ‘brainwash’) a whole new generation about all possible ‘sexual orientations’ without the input or religious ‘hang-ups’ of their parents.

Not only are parental rights denied in the administration of the new SexEd curricula but parents are being substantially kept in the dark about what their children are actually going to be taught. In this article a school administrator seemingly admits that pederasty (sexual "relationships" between adult men and boys) is one of the alternate forms of sexual orientation that will be studied and presented by the new teaching material to ninth graders.

Christian parents in California should demand to be apprized of what their children are actually being taught in the schools. The new California SexEd curriculum begins with First Grade children. Regardless of what is being taught in schools, no law yet can stop parents from teaching their own children what the Bible has to say about gender, sexual orientation, and marriage.


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