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-California Ordered to Pay Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers $399K

by Dr. D ~ February 22nd, 2019


We were concerned when California passed a law that would force Pro-Life pregnancy centers in the state to provide referrals to abortion clinics. It was an obvious restriction on free speech. Not only that, the new law would force many to violate their own religious convictions and liberty in the process. But the real concern was that the new California law would provide a precedence that would be duplicated in other states.

After years going through the federal courts, the Supreme Court ruled last year against the law. Now a federal judge has ordered the state to pay the costs and legal fees of the pro-life centers involved in the lawsuit. From Townhall:

The Supreme Court ruled in June that the California law requiring crisis pregnancy centers to display information on how to obtain a state-funded abortion was unconstitutional. In October, a federal district court issued a permanent injunction against the law known as the California Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency (FACT) Act.

On Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Terry Hatter for the Central District of California ordered that California must pay the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center of San Bernardino, His Nesting Place of Long Beach, Birth Choice of the Desert in La Quinta, and the Liberty Counsel a total of $399,000 in legal fees and other costs.

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Response: A great victory. Not only is this a good conclusion to a very bad law, but the results should give pause to other states in considering similar legislation. Even radical California legislators might consider toning down some of their future bills attacking religious liberty and free speech. Well maybe not, looking at their on-going one-party state record lately. Regardless, it is time for pro-life folks and conservative Christians to celebrate for a change.                *Top

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