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-Federal Judge: University Can’t Single Out and Ban Christian Student Group

by Dr. D ~ February 12th, 2019

University of Iowa

Colleges and universities all across America have been banning Christian groups for demanding that there leaders be—wait for it—actual Christians. One group at the University of Iowa sued the university and won their case in a District Federal Court. From the Christian Post:

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that the University of Iowa can’t selectively enforce its non-discrimination policy on a Christian student group that requires that its leaders abide by a Christian statement of faith.

U.S. District Court Judge Stephanie M. Rose issued an injunction barring the university from enforcing its human rights policy against student group Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC) so long as the school continues to allow other registered student organizations to have leadership requirements that also are deemed to violate the university’s policy.

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Response: The authorities at Iowa were using their ‘non-discrimination’ policy as an excuse to single out and actually discriminate against Christian student groups. We have pointed out in previous articles that Christian student groups are being discriminated against while the policy is not enforced on other groups.

For instance, Muslim student groups have never been challenged even though they may require all of their leaders to be practicing Muslims. Also, political student groups continue to be allowed to choose leaders that support their main tenants and reasons for existence.  in addition, fraternities and sororities continue to be allowed to disregard the gender discrimination part of the policy.

University officials are claiming that they are going to notify all campus student groups and expect them to comply with the policy or be expelled off campus. The lawyers supporting BLinC in their lawsuit (Becket) do not believe that they will follow through however:

  “It is very unlikely because the university would have to tell fraternities and sororities that they have to integrate and sports clubs would have to integrate.  Military support groups will have to allow people who do not support the military or disagree with the military to be leaders. It is very unlikely to happen. If it did happen, we would still challenge that decision.”

It will be interesting to see how the administrators will ultimately respond to this ruling. The university is also being sued by InterVarsity Christian Student Fellowship and their case is expected to receive a similar ruling.                *Top

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1 Response to -Federal Judge: University Can’t Single Out and Ban Christian Student Group

  1. Brian

    I think it is fascinating how the federal judge zeroed in on organizations that were being given a “pass” on the rule. The rule was basically only being applied to conservative/Evangelical Christian organizations. A LGBT Christian leftist organization got a free pass.

    However, I disagree with the conclusion reached by Becket- – I think the judge has actually just given the University a road map to how to discriminate and get away with it.

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