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-Texas: 95,000 ‘Non-Citizens’ Registered to Vote?

by Dr. D ~ January 29th, 2019


The media made fun of those who claimed that 100’s of thousands of illegal ‘non-citizens’ voted in the last presidential election. On Friday, the Attorney General of Texas announced that research into the voter registration rolls in his state shows that not only were there 95,000 or so registered to vote that shouldn’t be but 58,000 of them had voted in recent elections. Here’s the story from Townhall:

On Friday January 25, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that 95,000 individuals registered to vote in the Lone Star State have been identified as "Non-US Citizens," meaning they are illegally registered to vote. Further evidence brought forth by Texas Secretary of State David Whitely confirms that 58,000 of these individuals have broken the law and voted in "one or more" recent elections.

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Response: The future of our democracy depends upon the voting process. If folks are voting that legally don’t have that right than the results can be far different than they should be and the country changed in the process. Is that what we really want? I guess some do.

One problem that nobody seems to want to address or even talk about is the fact that one political party in particular doesn’t want the registration process to be cleared up. Even demanding some kind of identification is called ‘racist’ and discriminatory by some and with so many states now allowing drivers licenses for illegal residents even the requirement for ID’s is somewhat ineffective in cleaning the rolls.

Some are even blocking those who want to drop the dead folks from the rolls since some of the dead continue to vote somehow. Political corruption seems to be behind a lot of this. I remember reading in history that it was pretty much proven that JFK won the election in 1960 by receiving 100,000 or so votes from the dead in Chicago. I always liked Pres. Kennedy but what would our history look like if there would have been a proper investigation into that election and the voting rolls in Chicago, which were reportedly controlled by the Daley Machine and the mob?

I wondered after the election in 2016 how many of the 3 million plurality votes that Hillary received in California were from citizens? The political powers in California, which are now all in one party, not only don’t care if ‘non-citizens’ are voting but seem to be encouraging it through their efforts in establishing ‘motor-voter’ registration and the non-requirement of ID.

Recent changes in Florida voting registration requirements seem to be following the California model and now GOP politicians are wondering if the tide has now turned against them to the point that Republicans may have an uphill battle in that state which up to this point has been a fairly equal ‘battle-ground’ between the parties. Now we read this news in Texas and wonder if they will really have the guts to follow through and prosecute those who are voting illegally?

Our nation’s identity and future depends upon the sanctity of elections. Unfortunately some of the major politicians in our country no longer believe in America nor the Constitution that many of them have vowed to uphold. Some major figures in our political, academic, and media sectors look toward some kind of world government as their ultimate goal and therefore are undermining nationalism and America in particular. In the case of some of these folks, the end always justifies the means whether it is illegal or not or even whether it comes against the Constitution which many of them see as a list of ‘negative rights.’

I am writing about this because our Constitutional republic, including our religious freedom, depends upon a fair election process.                *Top

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2 Responses to -Texas: 95,000 ‘Non-Citizens’ Registered to Vote?

  1. Brian

    They found 95,000. But for every one that they found, I bet there were 20 they did not find.

  2. Dr. D

    Brian, my thinking also. They probably only found the more obvious violations.

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