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-Democrat Senators vs. Christian Nominees & Religious Freedom

by Dr. D ~ January 22nd, 2019


Leftist Democrat senators continued their assault on conservative Christians nominated for office by President Trump.  In the past, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Diane Feinstein have declared their opposition to several Trump nominees because they were conservative Christians who continued to hold Biblical positions on pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. Now two more senators have joined in similar protests against a federal judicial nominee- Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Sen. Kamala Harris of California. From National Review:

Buescher (the nominee)  is voluntarily affiliated with two even larger organizations that are on record in opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage: the Catholic church; the Republican party. When running for attorney general of Nebraska in 2014, he called himself “an avidly pro-life person.” If Harris and Hirono want to maintain that all judicial nominees must support abortion, beyond just saying that they will respect existing law, then they should just say that there are scores of millions of Christians they would never allow on the federal bench on account of their beliefs. There is no need to launch an attack on the Knights.

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Response: In the past, Sen. Sanders was on record declaring that Christians who hold such traditional Biblical views should not be allowed in public office in spite of the 1st Amendment which he stated sh0ould be understood as only valid within the four walls of an official church or place of worship. Sen. Feinstein and several others have also joined in with similar comments against conservative Christian nominees.

Now we have the other Senator from California- Kamala Harris along with Sen. Hirono from Hawaii trying to avoid the ‘religious test’ by condemning a District Court nominee for membership in the Knights of Columbus which they designate as a radical group because of its pro-life stand against abortion and support of traditional marriage. The real target here again is conservative Christianity and in this case the Catholic Church in particular which all of the ‘Knights’ are members of and where the pro-life and pro-marriage stands came from in the first place.

When called on her attack on the ‘Knights ’ as being misdirected and actually against the church, Sen. Hirono doubled down on her views by claiming that Freedom of Religion is nothing more than an ‘Alt-right’ position rather than acknowledging it as a Constitutional right.

This reminds me of the old 50’s witch hunts in which nominees or those testifying before Congress were asked the proverbial question- “Are you or have you ever been a Communist.” Now the new condemnatory question is: “Are you or have you ever been a conservative Christian that opposes abortion and supports traditional marriage?”

The whole idea is that folks that answer in the affirmative, from the new progressive Democratic point of view, should not be allowed to serve in public office and particularly as judges. Not only that, but the Constitution should no longer be allowed protect those with such antiquated anti-progressive views. Those who insist that the Constitution still applies when it comes to freedom of religion are nothing more than ‘Alt-Right’ radicals. At least according to progressive far leftists like Sen. Hirono.

It really is time for Christians to stand up against the bigotry of the left and demand that the attacks against conservative Christians and freedom of religion cease and the attackers themselves be condemned for opposing the Constitution which they promised in their Oath of Office to uphold.


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