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-Poll: Should Christmas Be More About Jesus? Fewer Americans Think So!

by Dr. D ~ December 19th, 2018


                                                     (Nativity Scene: Wikipedia)

A recent poll by LifeWay Research shows that fewer Americans today believe that Christmas should be more about Jesus than just a few years ago. Nevertheless at least 65% still believe so. From Christian Today:

…  A new survey by LifeWay Research found that nearly two-thirds of Americans (65 per cent) believe that ‘Christmas should be more about Jesus’.

Christians were far more likely than people   of other faiths to agree with the statement – 81 per cent against 35 per cent – while only 28 per cent of non-religious agreed.

The latest figures reveal a 14 per cent drop since 2014, when 79 per cent agreed that Christmas should be more about Christ.

But it is not only people of other faiths and the non-religious who are growing in indifference towards the centrality of Christ to Christmas.  The research revealed that even among Christians, there are far fewer now who believe that the season should be more about Jesus.  …

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Response: If you look at the survey there is quite a difference between Christians and non-Christians on the question of the centrality of Christmas. That would seem natural but there are also significant differences between age groups, race/ethnicity, the part of the country one lives in, along with the amount of education one has which also seem to be factors.

Even among Christians there is a difference between Protestants and Catholics and Evangelical Christians are the strongest group (97%) in support of the centrality of Jesus.

The survey includes some very interesting results coming from the following statements which folks responded to:

-“Christmas should be more about Jesus.”

-“It is offensive when people say X Mas instead of Christmas.”

-“It is offensive when people say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.”

The survey is just one indication of how our culture is changing when it comes to religion. Make no mistake, Christmas is a bellwether when it comes to culture and religion in America of the 21st century.

Media including music, movies, and TV shows are another indicator of where we are going, or when it comes to the media, where we are being driven to. There is a huge emphasis on the ‘Magic of Christmas’ which revolves around Santa Claus or some kind of wishing artifact like a snow globe. Every where you turn you are asked to ‘believe in The Magic of Christmas’ yet it has little to do with the birth of the Christ child. Some of the symbols seem to have been reapplied and substituted for a some kind of new age messiah in the character of Santa.

The miracles and message surrounding the birth of God’s Son Jesus are beginning to take a back seat in the midst of a holiday that is suppose to be about the coming of Christ and even named for him. 

What I am seeing in shows this year are less scenes of families going to church services, which I believe is intentional. However, there is an increasing emphasis on helping others during this season and making time for family activities and love which is all good. There is also a resurgence of folks saying ‘Merry Christmas’ on shows and in the stores but unfortunately what Christmas is all about is changing.               *Top

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