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-DNC Chairman: ‘Religion’ to Blame for Opposition to Party and Abortion

by Dr. D ~ December 7th, 2018


DNC Chairman Tom Perez blamed ‘religion’ as the major obstacle to the Democratic Party and their pro-abortion message. From PJ Media:

On Thursday, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez blamed religion for hamstringing the Democratic message on abortion.  …

Given the influence of religion on the Right, "it should come as a surprise to no one that our message doesn’t penetrate," Perez added.

"That person on the pulpit is saying, ‘Ignore everything else that this person has done and is doing. We have to focus on one issue of Roe v. Wade,’" the DNC chairman said.

"And people buy it! Because that’s their only source," Perez quipped.

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Response: When Perez says ‘religion’ and ‘pulpit’ he is really talking about conservative Christians and evangelical Bible believing pastors in particular.

He goes on to imply that conservative religious folks are too ignorant to think on their own and merely follow what their pastors or ministers might be supporting politically. How arrogant can you get? He doesn’t bother to address the issues only calls his opponents dumb.

It is his ignorance that is really telling. The actual source behind the strong Christian support for pro-life is not a pastor or minister but the Bible. If Perez wants greater support for his party from conservative Christians he needs to lead his party toward adapting messages and policies that more closely reflect Biblical teaching.

Unfortunately, Perez seems to be saying that the Biblical source somehow needs to be overcome. But how? We still have religious freedom in this country and a Supreme Court that supports it. Now we have come back to what started Perez to disparage religious folks in the first place- the support for Judge Kavanaugh who is pro-life. His observations come after he attended an event in Washington DC called: "The Court In Crisis: What’s Next For Progressives After Kavanaugh."

Notice that the current conservative leaning court is a ‘crisis’ from the viewpoint of progressives like Perez. It also may give us an idea about how Perez and others like him may want to change or restrict religious freedom in America- through the courts which gave us Roe v. Wade and a national right to abortion in the first place.

We already see this happening in state and lover courts which are forcing bakers to make cakes, photographers to take pictures, and printers to print messages which are contrary to their religious beliefs. Some of these cases are still working their way through the courts but in the process religious rights are far more restricted now than they ever have been in America.

It didn’t help that we had a President for 8 years who pushed for a ‘Freedom of worship’ understanding of the First Amendment that would restrict religious freedom to the four walls of an official place of worship. If Perez and others really want to know why so many people of faith voted against Hillary Clinton, they need to look no further than a statement Clinton said while she was running for President:

Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” …

So Hillary implied that if she was elected she would somehow force people of faith to change their religious beliefs. How? Probably through executive orders and the courts like under President Obama. I for one didn’t want to find out. From my perspective, Perez and his party have become major opponents to religious freedom in America.                 *Top

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