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-Parents Fighting Over Gender of 6 Year Old?

by Dr. D ~ November 27th, 2018


It was bound to happen some time or another. Two parents in a custody battle are fighting over the gender of their 6 year old son. From the Faith Wire:

A father in Texas is fighting to keep custody of his 6-year-old son while the boy’s mother claims he’s a transgender girl.

According to court documents obtained by The Federalist, the boy, James, only dresses as a girl and goes by the name “Luna” when he is with his mother, who has enrolled him in first grade as a female. The father, though, claims the little boy never dresses as a girl — even when given the option — when they are together, always choosing to align himself with his biological sex.

…Nevertheless, in their divorce proceedings, the mother has reportedly accused the father of child abuse for not affirming their son’s transgenderism.

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Response: It will be interesting to see how a family court responds to this case. A lot will probably depend upon the world view of the judge.

What I don’t understand is the insistence of the mother to put a young child through irreversible transgender change starting as early as age 8 when the child is so confused that he merely seems to be going along with which ever parent he happens to be with when it comes to gender identification.

Also, what a nightmare for the father who is being accused of ‘child abuse’ for not going along with the transgender identity. Worse yet is the position this battle puts the poor child in. A family breakup is bad enough for a young child without putting the child into a position where he feels like he must change genders in order to please whatever parent he is with. Poor child just wants and needs the love of both of his parents.

Obviously, child custody battles are hard enough with out adding a PC transgender issue to the mix.               *Top

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