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-Permanent Injunction Against Forcing Pro-Life Centers to Promote Abortion

by Dr. D ~ October 30th, 2018

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On Friday, a federal judge issued a permanent injunction against a 2015 California law that forced ‘pro-life’ counseling centers to refer to area abortion clinics. The injunction is in response to a Supreme Court ruling on this matter. From The Christian Post:

A federal judge has formally barred California from enforcing a law requiring pro-life pregnancy counseling centers to promote abortions and other contraceptive services they oppose.

Following a ruling from the the United States Supreme Court this past summer,  U.S. District Judge John Houston issued a permanent injunction on Friday against the California government on grounds that its Reproductive FACT Act was deemed unconstitutional.

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Response: This should put a permanent end to a bad California law that violated both free speech and religious liberty.

This was another case where liberal/progressive government officials attempted to force their ideological beliefs on others including those with opposing views rooted in faith. Something that isn’t suppose to happen in America according to the Constitution.

The perpetrators of this miscarriage of justice were repeatedly told that their championed law was a violation of free speech and religious freedom but they did not care. It was voted in and signed by California Governor Jerry Brown regardless. Meanwhile, Pro-Life supporters had to spend millions of needless dollars in legal fees to defeat a law that was obviously unconstitutional from the very beginning.

Then its legal journey began. The first liberal federal judge ruled it OK and then on to the worst Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ( #9) which also agreed that the law was fine. Apparently, it was OK to the 9th Circuit to violate free speech and religious liberty in order to support the key liberal doctrine of pro abortion. Finally SCOTUS ruled against the law during the Summer and sent it back. Fortunately we still have a Supreme Court that follows the Constitution, at lease by a narrow 5-4 vote. Now a federal judge has put a permanent injunction against the law citing the SCOTUS decision. The resolution and legal defeat of this evil law should prevent other states from passing similar legislation.

This demonstrates the importance of citizens voting. If Hillary would have been elected President in 2016 the make-up of the court would have been different and the vote of the Justices would have probably supported the ‘progressive’ People’s Republic of California against free speech and religious liberty.  Now with the appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh the court should be even better at supporting the Constitution in the future.              *Top

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