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-LA: 72% of Hate Crimes Against Jews

by Dr. D ~ October 22nd, 2018

Screen-Shot-Jewish Journal 

(Image: Jewish Journal)

A report from Los Angeles County (California) shows that Jews were the largest target (72%) of religious hate crimes in 2017. 15% were against Christians while only 12% were perpetrated against Muslims which also were far too many as far as we are concerned.

This runs counter to the current media narrative that Islamophobia is a major growing problem in America that needs to be addressed. Meanwhile anti-Semitism continues to be a far larger problem and one that the media seems to be ignoring. From the Jewish Journal:

The latest report from the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations shows that 72 percent of hate crimes against religion in the county were against Jews in 2017.

Following Jews on the list were Muslims, Catholics and Protestants: …

The number of hate crimes targeting Jews increased by 4 percent from 2016, from 71 to 68 percent.

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Response: The figure that really bothers us is the 4% increase in hate crimes against Jews in just a year. We have written about the increase of anti-Semitism on college and university campuses in the past which is largely due to the liberal and Muslim support of the Palestinian cause against Israel. But to see these type of numbers in a truly cosmopolitan city and county like Los Angeles is simply horrifying to say the least.

Even more horrifying is the fact that Anti-Semitism is reportedly on the increase all across America and nobody seems to be talking about it nor is the American media addressing this growing problem.

Meanwhile the American media seems to be more concerned about what happened to a Saudi citizen in Turkey than it is about a elderly Jewish man being beaten up by a Muslim in New york City.                *Top

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