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-Bring Your Bible to School Day: 2018

by Dr. D ~ October 4th, 2018


Today is: Bring Your Bible to School Day. A celebration of religious freedom in America. A day to encourage children and young adults to take their Bible with them to school and share it with their friends.

Here’s a link to the “Bring Your Bible. org ” website.

Response: Regardless of what some teachers or school administrator may say, it is legal for students to bring their Bibles to school and read it during break times and even share it with their friends. This right needs to be claimed and continually demonstrated or it could be lost by default, disuse, or misunderstanding of the law.

Know Your First Amendment Rights:

Every Christian should know their First Amendment rights and the religious liberty rights of their children and grandchildren while at school.

Prayer has not really been taken entirely out of schools. Regardless of what you may have heard. I repeat: prayer has not been taken out of our public schools- only ‘official’ or mandatory prayers have been banned.

Students can still legally pray individually and even with other students in groups. Anyway, there is really no way that a teacher could stop a student from silently praying. Plus the US Supreme Court has already ruled on this- legally students can still get together and pray like many do on ‘See You At The Pole’ day.

What has been declared illegal is for teachers and school administrators to conduct or supervise ‘official’ prayers public schools.

Also, students can bring religious literature to school including their Bibles and even share them with other students or have Bible studies during breaks and lunches. Legally teachers and school administrators cannot stop it, though some try. This is why ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’ is so important- it is good for teachers and administrators to understand and get use to student’s religious rights being exercised and confirmed.

For more information on the legal issues defining religious freedom for students in public schools, here are 3 good articles from Alliance Defending Freedom:

Religious Freedom On Campus: What Students Can and Can’t Do

Fast Facts–About Students’ Rights

FAQs–Religious Freedom at Public Schools


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