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-Kenya: Islamists Execute Two Christian Bus Passengers Who Refuse to Convert

by Dr. D ~ September 20th, 2018

Radical Islamists stopped a bus in Kenya and demanded that the passengers recite the Islamic Statement of faith. Two Christians onboard were executed when they refused since it would mean that they were converting to Islam. Here’s the story from the FaithWire:

Some horrific news is emerging out of Kenya after two Christians were murdered in cold blood by militants belonging to Islamic terror group Al-Shabaab. …

…last Friday a group of militants stopped a bus that was headed for the North Eastern province city of Garissa. …

When the murderous group suspected that three of the passengers were followers of Jesus, they separated from the group and demanded that they recite the Islamic Statement of Faith. But when two refused, they were tied up and immediately executed.

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Response: A week ago we remembered the 9/11/01 Islamic terrorist attack on America. This terrorist attack in Kenya reminds us that Christians are being killed nearly every week by radical Muslims somewhere in the world.  

Kenya is as close as you can get to being a ‘Christian’ country in Africa with over 83% of the population and with only 11% as Muslim. Nevertheless, radical Muslims, particularly members of the Al-Shabaab group, have escalated their attacks on Christians. Forced conversion to Islam is part their usual modus operandi.

So many in this country demand that we stop criticizing Islam since it is supposedly the ‘religion of peace.’ However the actions of radical Muslims tell an entirely different story and demonstrate a violent aspect of Islam that many liberals in this country refuse to admit.

We will continue to speak out the truth about radical Islam in spite of those who contend that telling the truth about Islam may be tantamount to spreading so-called Islamophobia. Never mind that some of these folks actually promote Christianophobia instead.              *Top

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